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Who Is We?

Our precious metal adventure started in 2012 with the technological support and information support of Switzerland-based SWM AG and PRISMALIFE AG. With the experience, knowledge, trust and business principles identified with them, we provide services in European Standards with two great powers that play an important role in our activities.

In addition to providing Precious Metal sales and International Consulting Services, we are engaged in the Trade of Unprocessed Non-Standard Raw Gold in Central Africa, Ghana, Togo, Ivory Coast, Burkina Faso, Congo, Zambia, Germany, Liechtenstein, Switzerland and Dubai with our strong partners in Precious Metal Production. With our innovative and ever-growing family, we are moving forward in line with our goals day by day.

Stay tuned to be informed about SWISS GOLD opportunities.

Our Services

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Kıymetli Metallerlerin Para ve Ekonomi ile İlişkileri

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Kıymetli Metaller Neden ve Nasıl Alınmalı?

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Raw Gold Trading

İşlenmemiş Ham Altın Ticareti

Precious Metals Trading

Hangi Metaller Kıymetlidir?

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Gold Melting Procedure

Journey of Gold

During our visit to the Central African Republic, some of the stages that gold goes through before it hits the shelves...